July 03, 2014

Twin Size Quilt

In an attempt help redo my niece's room, I am making them quilts. The oldest requested lime green and aqua. I also promised her to teacher her how to sew last summer, but I think that only got as far as a blanket or pillow case. What better way than to let her help with the quilts? She helped sew some of the blocks. When she was gone for a few weeks, I ended up finishing it for her. We went with a little LWPWSews inspiration - you should seriously go check out those amazing quilts!

This is the largest quilt I have ever sewn, and it somehow managed to all fit inside my little singer traditional sewing machine. I attempted to "eyeball" the diagonals, which are not perfect. Since it was so big, I decided to machine bind the quilt. That was tougher than I thought, but it made up for the week or so I'm sure I would be spending trying to hand bind.

After throwing it in the wash, there were no issues with the exception of some minor blue dye that rubbed on to some of the white. It could have been worse, and it's only in a few spots, so I'm not too worried about it.

The boys loved it whenever I would lay it out in the process, and they were thrilled to roll about the finished product. 

And of course it, the new owner was very happy with the results, too.

Happy quilting!


  1. Okay pretty lady, I love your quilts. Where do you buy your fabric?

    1. Hey Sarah! I get it at Jo Anne's, mostly. The black and white on the edge I picked up at hobby lobby.