July 28, 2015

Chalk Paint Dresser

We crossed off another summer to-do list item this week! The downstairs TV dresser needed a paint job. We bought it a few years ago with the intent to fix it up and repurpose it. It took that long for me to (1) decide what color I wanted it and (2) to get around to working on it. 

Here's what it looked like before:

And here is after:

I chose to paint the dresser with a homemade chalk paint recipe that called for water, Plaster of Paris, and paint. I had to mix it together twice because I painted the inside drawers as well. And when I mixed them, I know I combined the ingredients a little different, but there is no difference in the result. I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly what I did!

Even though chalk paint allows you to paint without priming, I went a head and primed. It came in handy with the inside drawers where they SOAKED the primer and paint. When it was all done, I went over the edges with a sander to give it the distressed look.

Helpful Tip: If you ever have an old measuring cup that wears off some of the measurements, KEEP IT! I had one that I felt bad throwing out, even though there is a new one sitting in the kitchen. The old one came in handy when I wanted to mix together the chalk paint. I just used a plastic for to stir it, then painted out of the cup. It was awesome! The left over paint I put in a mason jar.

The most advance stuff done was inside where the DVD player and stereo sit. Nick picked up some plywood and had to cut it to lay on the bottom and to go across the back. (The original back board was bumpy/fuzzy-ish and would have been a pain to paint.) Nick also cut holes in it so the wires hide behind the board. It looks a ton better!

And one more time, the before and after:

PS - I used the original hardware and I did not add a wax or polish to this dresser. I'm not sure how it will add or take away from the distressed look. I know it will change the feel of it, and right now I'm loving it! What would you suggest?

PSS - to see more about the cool flower box on top, click here. :-) 

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