May 02, 2015

Old Fence turned into a Flower Box

Last summer we built new sections of our backyard fence, and as a result we now have old fence wood waiting to be repurposed into many other projects. First on the list, I wanted a box to put on the dresser that is below our TV. I had something like this one in mind.

One weekend Nick came in after working in the garage and showed me the box be built. He set it up and pulled down our Christmas light strand and put it behind the glass jars. Once he turned it on, it was perfect! I was thinking of painting them, like this one I came across, but the Christmas lights wouldn't reflect the same. At first I had only one Hydrangea, but I stopped my Michaels and bought some more this week. Right now there are 12 jars and I only have flowers in very other one. I might add more later. I love these!

I'm still deciding what color I want to redo my dresser in. Black, white, or dark gray? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. This is great! Wish could come help me with my house :-) I think gray would work well.