July 25, 2018

Edwards Family Photos

I am so amazed at how fun and wonderful this session turned out to be. First off, can we give a round of applause to the Edwards family for making this session happen? Seriously! We took these photos on a Saturday evening, the DAY some of the family came back in town and the day BEFORE another was leaving. Talk about squeezing it in?! But you know what, you can't even tell because the pictures turned out amazing! Erin took full advantage of those few precious hours to capture her beautiful family, all before a well deserved Saturday night dinner. Thank you for letting me hang out with you guys and capture your lovely family all together!

July 06, 2018

Family Photos

I am always honored to take family pictures, and when Amy asked, that was no exception! With siblings in town, including one from out of state, they wanted to take time to get photos of everyone together. To me, these are priceless and I can't wait to see how much they grow from now until next time. Thanks Amy and family for a fun session!

June 25, 2018

Disney World Part 3

We surprised the boys and went to Disney World for 11 days, with 8 days in the parks. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our trip. Here is part 3 - the final one! I'm so glad that I took so many because I already miss it and am ready to go back!And guess what? So does Nick! (But when they are older and out of the Daddy Bus stroller stage. So when they are over 10.)

Day 8
Blizzard Beach AM and Epcot PM

Day 9
Epcot and Hollywood

Ryan kept wearing his shoes like this. I do not get it.

Day 10
Animal Kingdom Magic Kingdom

The crowds were pretty big this night. Instead of going with the heard to the bus, we stayed and just waited. While waiting, they announced ANOTHER SHOW at the Castle. NO WAY?! It was less crowded and awesome!

Good night, Disney World!

Day 11
Travel Day

Inflated balloons are not allowed on flights. We had the Disney Earport deflate them for us, and then made sure to stop and fill them back up with "floaty air" when we got back home. 

 Thanks for picking us up, Maren!

Still need to catch up? Here's Part 1 and Part 2 of our trip.

Still not enough Disney for you? Vlog coming soon!