September 13, 2015

Boys Loft

On of the big projects we did in late summer and start of school was to build the boys a loft bed. I came across one made by the Handmade Home on Pinterest and have saved it forever. It has the entire plans!! I knew it was what exactly what I wanted for the boys.

The only adaptation that we made is Nick built a wood ladder instead of a hanging ladder. And our room is 14 feet wide, not 12. So it's a little longer. I still love the hanging ladder, but since the boys 2 and 4, solid footing is better for sleepy feet. (BTW - Nick built the completely on his own with no written down plans. We're pretty proud at how sturdy it has turned out!Plus, he gets all the assembly credit! I only painted and helped keep kids out of the way!)

Most of our projects are in phases. Between each phase, who knows how long it'll be. I've hesitated sharing this post because this is NOT picture perfect ready. I still need toy organization, either new comforters or making new quilts.  Plus who knows what cute perfect additions I will find to compliment their walls some more. 

But it is built. And painted. And functioning. And the boys love it even more than I do!

So I've decided to get over the lack of perfection, and share what it looks like. This is the real deal what their new room looks like - with fresh paint and a loft, and not a whole lot else yet besides toy messes. Our house has always been a work in progress, and so is this room.

Here it is:

(We painted the walls SW Online Gray, which may be hard to tell the difference of earlier photos since their room was the same shade, but light blue).

 Below are two photos side by side. I still need to touch up some spots.

The underneath only got one coat of paint. I painted everything before assembly, which for me made it really easy. The ladder is perfect. It is solid just leaning against the floor and bed. We might bolt it together, but I do like being able to move it if needed. 

And just one more time, the whole picture. I had to use Nick's phone to get it all in the same shot. Even still, it doesn't give it justice on how truly MASSIVE and AWESOME it is.

In the next months, or year, or so when it finally comes together, I'll share an update.
Do you do projects in stages as well?

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