January 28, 2017

Ransom Family Photos

Some sweet friends of ours moved away this December. We are so sad to see them go, but wish them the best of everything with their new journey. Before they left, they wanted to get some family photos "Texas Style." So off we went to a local park right when the weather decided to start thinking cold.

I had such a blast taking their photos! Guys, seriously. One of the things clients don't get to see is the editing process, which you can look up great articles on the internet all about that. For me, that process is a chance where I get to relive the photo session. Yes, it takes time as I make necessary photo edits and go through the "cutting room floor" process, but I LOVE it. For the Ransoms, I think it was one of my favorite from the year! I kept crackin' up over their youngest's spunky personality! That is my absolute favorite thing to capture!

Thanks again, Ransoms, for letting us goof off in some cold Texas weather before you left. We miss you!

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