March 12, 2014


I have a very talented aunt and cousin on the in-law's side, and a friend that all quilt so beautifully. (Go check out her site LWPH Sews!) Their talent peer pressured myself to get up with the program and try it out. So, for Christmas I put on my list a rotary cutter, and I got one!

My first quilt was for the Little Man. He loves Monsters, Inc. What better inspiration for a nap quilt? I came across on Pinterest a link to Sing All you Want: The Arrow Tail Quilt Tutorial & Quilt-A-Long that I used as a rough guide. 

Now, this was my first quilt EVER. I learned so much during the process, and it is still so easy! I finished it literally right before the Little Man's bedtime. Here are some pics snagged right before it went to use with lots of love and appreciation any boy toddler would give it. (Note, the one up-close was taken before binding. And sorry for the bad lighting.)

This project got me hooked to quilting. It looks like I have a new hobby!

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