September 17, 2013

House project: front entrance

Our house is awesome. Seriously. There are only four complaints.

1. The corner space in the kitchen where there should be a turning cabinet, there is nothing. Just dead space. (very annoying that it is wasted space)
2. The under-the-stairs closest is shallow and the space behind it is non-accessable. (Where is my Harry Potter cupboard, people?)
3. We only have two ceiling fans in the entire house
4. There is no front entrance closet

(A kitchen reno is nowhere in the immediate future since that is just a minor OCD complaint. One day we will either expend our under-the-stairs closet or make a kid hid-a-way. The ceiling fans we will install one day. The AC works pretty great.)

On our summer to-do list was the front entrance. 

I found a cool piece of furniture at a yard sale. I think it was 10 or 15 bucks. Something like that.

Instead of placing it on the wall above a TV (yes, that is what it was for), we turned it into a shoe rack.

Then time for some pinterest-inspired DIY lovin' with some help from Nick and a handy-man friend down the street. Let's give a cheer for friends with tools!

And this is our current functional space. It is NOT done because we are missing the top shelf, and pretty pictures. That portion is on the to-do list for whenever we get around to it. You know how it goes.

Still not too bad. I love how much more space we have to dump things. 
Will update when we get that shelf!

PS - ha ha! I just now noticed That the little dude photo-boomed that last picture. Way to go! 

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