December 03, 2017

Baby Masterson

It has been killing me not to share some of my recent photos! Several of them have been specifically for Christmas Cards, so I'll wait to share their family photos until after the holidays. Can't ruin the surprise!

After taking Lindsey's family photos, she said to go ahead and share them. Thank you! I don't think I could share them fast enough because they are so adorable!

Lindsey is a good music friend of mine. Fun fact, I first used to teach flute lessons at her mom's school back in the day during college. Then when I started teaching I got to know Lindsey by working in the same district. How cool?! Her whole family is awesome!

This is their first baby, and I jumped at the chance to photograph her baby boy. What I enjoyed most about this session is how much you can tell both her and Andrew are totally in love with their new baby boy. Their world revolves around him now, and it is just so special to see!

Thank you, Lindsey, for letting me come take photos! Can't wait to come take more!

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